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              [日期:2008-06-26] 來源:  作者:九通科技 [字體: ]

              IBM錯誤故障代碼 Symptom / Error (開機錯誤代碼)
              FRU / Action in Sequence(檢查范圍及解決方法)

              10X 101: Interrupt failure;(中斷故障)

              102: Timer failure;(計時器故障)

              103: Timer interrupt failure; (計時器中斷故障)

              104: Protected mode failure; (保護模式故障)

              105: Last 8042 command not accepted;

              107: NMI test failure;(NMI 測試失。

              108: Timer bus test failure.

              109: Low meg-chip select test. 1. System board. (主板問題)

              110: (Planar parity.) (內存奇偶校驗出錯)
                      1. Go to Memory Checkout
                      2. DIMM card.
                      3. Detach the expansion unit if it is attached to the computer.
                      4. System board.

              111: (I/O parity.)
                      1. Go to Memory Checkout
                      2. Expansion unit or port replicator.
                      3. System board.

              11XX 1101: Serial_A test failure.(A 串行口測試失。
                      1. Serial device (串行設備)
                      2. Communication cable (相關通訊電纜)
                      3.System board (主板)
              12XX 1201: Serial_B test failure.(B 串行口測試失。
                      1. System board (infrared) (檢查主板:紅外線口)

              158: (Hard disk password was not set even though the supervisor password is set.) (超級用戶密碼已設,但硬盤密碼沒有設置)
                      1. Set the password for hard disk drive.(設置硬盤密碼)

              159: (Hard disk password is not set the same as the supervisor password.) (硬盤密碼與 超級用戶密碼不一樣)
                      1. Set the correct password for hard disk drive.(設置正確的硬盤密碼)

              161: (Dead battery.) (CMOS 電池不行)
                      1. Go to Checking the Backup Battery
                      2. Backup battery.(CMOS 備份電池,在內存插槽旁
                      3. System board. (主板)

              163: (Time and date were not set.) (系統時間沒有設好或混亂)
                      1. Set time and date.(設置正確的系 統時間)
                      2. System board.        (主板問題)

              173: (Configuration data was lost.) (CMOS 設備配置信息丟失)
                      1. Select OK in the err or screen; then set the time and date.       (在 開機 ERROR 畫面上按OK,然后設置系統時間)
                      2. Backup battery. (CMOS 電池需要更換)
                      3. System board. (主板問題)

              174: (Configuration error: Perform Checking the Installed Devices List before changin g any FRUs.)
                      1. Check device configuration.
                      2. Hard disk drive assembly.
                      3. System board.

              175 177 178 175: EEPROM CRC #1 error.

              177: Supervisor password check sum error. 178: EEPROM is not functional.
                      1. System board. (檢查主板)

              17XX 1701: Hard disk controller failure. (硬盤控制器故障)

              1780, 1790: Hard disk 0 error. (主硬盤有問題)

              1781, 1791: Hard disk 1 error.(從硬盤有問題) 1. Hard disk drive (檢查硬盤) 2. System board (檢查主板)

              183: (Incorrect password entered at the supervisor password prompt.) (超級用戶開機密碼不對)
                      1. Have the user examine the password.(請用戶檢查密碼)

              184: (Power-on password check sum error.) (Power-on 密碼有誤)
                      1. Reset the power-on password in Easy-Setup.(重設Power-on密碼)

              185: (The startup sequence is not valid. Suspect that power was odd when the startup sequence was being updated.) (系統啟動       順序無效,懷疑是更新啟動順序時電源關掉)
                      1 . Reset the startup sequence in Easy-Setup.(在Easy-Setup 重設啟動順序)

              186: 1. System board. (檢查主板)

              190: (A depleted battery pack was installed when the power was on.) (開機時,機內筆記本電池已快耗盡了)
                      1. Go to Checking the Battery Pack.(更換機內筆記本電池 )

              191XX: (PM initialization error.) (PM 初始化錯誤)
                      1. System board. (檢查主板)

              192: (Fan error.) (CPU 散熱風扇故障) 1. Measure the voltage of the backup battery. If the voltage is not correct, replace        the backup battery.(檢查CMOS 備份電池的電壓,電壓不行時更換 電池) 2. Fan (要更換CPU風扇)3. System board (主板問題)

              195: (The configuration read from the hibernation area does not match the actual conf iguration.) (從休眠區域讀到的系統配置       信息與實際配置不同)
                      1. Check if the config uration was changed. For example, check if the DIMM card is added. (檢查配置是否改動,內存有無增加等)

              196: (A read error occurred in the hibernation area of the hard disk drive.) ( 從硬盤的休眠區域中讀寫時,發生錯誤)
                      1. Run the hard disk drive test. (測試硬盤)
                      2. Hard disk drive.(檢查硬盤)

              199XX: (Resume error.)
                      1. System board.

              1XX: 1.System board.

              2XX: (內存問題)

              201: Memory data error.

              202: Memory line error 00-15.

              203: Memory line error 16-23.

              205: Memory test failure on on-boardmemory.

              221: ROM to RAM remap error.
                      1. Go to Memory Checkout.
                      2. DIMM card.
                      3. System board.

              225: (Unsupported memory module.)
                      1. Check if the supported DIMM is installed.
                      2. DIMM card.
                      3. System board.

              301, 303, 304, 305, 3XX (301: Keyboard error.) (筆記本鍵盤故障,301這個故障經常出現,往往是筆記本剛開機時,不小心 按住鍵盤                 所造成的,一般只要重啟電腦即可;)
                      1. Go to Keyboard or Auxiliary Input Device Checkout
                      2. Keyboard.
                      3. External numeric keypad.
                      4. External keyboard.
                      5. Keyboard/mouse cable.
                      6. System board.

              601, 6XX (601: Diskette drive or controller error.) ( 軟驅或軟驅控制器故障)
                      1. Go to Diskette Drive Checkout.
                      2. Diskette drive assembly. (軟驅有沒有裝配好?)
                      3. Diskette.
                      4. System board. (檢查主板 )

              602: (Diskette read error.); (軟驅讀故障)
                      1. Go to Diskette Drive Checkout
                      2. Diskette.
                      3. Diskette drive assembly.(軟驅有沒有裝配好?)

              604: (Unacceptable ID was read from the diskette drive.);
                      1. Go to Diskette Drive Ch eckout
                      2. Diskette drive assembly.
                      3. System board.

              2402 1. TV Out Card

              24XX (2401: System board video error.) ;(主板顯示部分有問題)
                      1. System board. (檢查主板相關部 分)

              808X 8081: PCMCIA presence test failure.(PCMCIA revision number also checked.)

              8082: PCMCIA register test failure.
                      1. PC Card slot assembly.
                      2. PCMCIA device.
                      3. System board.

              860X: (Pointing device error when TrackPoint is disabled.) (當指點桿禁用時,外接的指點設備有故障);

              8601: System bus error-8042 mouse interface. 8602: External mouse error.(外接鼠標故障);

              8603: System bus error or mouse error. (總線或鼠標故障);
                      1. External mouse. (檢查外接鼠標);
                      2. External keyboard. (檢查外接鍵盤);
                      3. System board.(檢查主板);

              861X (Pointing device error when TrackPoint is enabled.)(當指點桿啟用時,外接的指點設備有故障);

              8611: System bus error-I/F between 8042 and IPDC.

              8612: TrackPoint error.

              8613: System board or TrackPoint error.
                      1. Reseat the keyboard cable on the sub card.(把鍵盤連接主板的線,重插拔一下);
                      2. Keyboard (檢查鍵盤);
                      3. External mouse (檢查外接鼠標);
                      4. Sub card (主板上連接鍵盤的子卡);
                      5. System board (檢查主板);

              I9990301: Hard disk error. (硬盤有故障);

              I9990302: Invalid hard disk boot record. (無效的硬盤引導紀錄);

              I9990305: No bootable device. (無可用的啟動引導設備);
                      1. Check that the opera ting system is installed in the hard disk drive. If not, install the operating sy stem.(檢查硬盤上有否安裝操作系統);
                      2. Reseat the boot device.(重新設置可啟動的設備);
                      3. Check the startup sequence for the correct boot device.(檢查啟動順序是否跟設備正確對應);
                      4. Check that the operating system has no failure and is installed correctly.(檢查電腦的操作系統是否安裝正確);

              I9990303: (Bank-2 flash ROM check sum error.)
                      1. System board.

              Other codes not listed above. 1. Go to Undetermined Problems

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